Benefits of child care

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Child care for many parents comes with the feeling of guilt for leaving your child or children in care instead of at home with you where, some people believe, all children should be...
Child care can provide many benefits.

The top 10 reasons for your child to attend child care include:

For the children

  1. Relationships with other children their own age, educators and materials
  2. Control over the direction of their learning
  3. Vast array of educational resources and experiences of touch, hearing, seeing, listening and tasting
  4. Educators with extensive up to date knowledge in the development of birth-5 year olds
  5. Environments designed for different types of play and learning with many opportunities to express themselves
  6. Links to the wider community
  7. Ability to form independence

For parents

  1. Ability to continue with their own career path
  2. Assurance your children are being provided with early education
  3. Respite (we all need a bit of that every now and then)

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