Our Team

Our team comprises of 30 staff who are all passionate and enthusiastic about their work. We pride ourselves on being committed to every child and their family.
We strive to provide a fun and flexible learning environment that fosters individual qualities and supports the development of unique abilities. We observe developmental moments of the children's learning and document these in learning observations that will contribute to the program curriculum and inform the planning process.
We acknowledge and respect the individual needs of each child through forming strong and positive relationships with the children and their families. 
We involve the children in the program curriculum by turning each moment into a learning opportunity.



Our Team

We have five programs across our service and 30 Educators and support staff who make up our team.

Our programs are known as: Superstars, Inventors, Explorers, Transformers and Adventurers.

Board of Directors - Kylie Dunstan (Chair), Amanda Finn (Secretary), Nicole Rogan (Treasurer), Debbie Lynch (Director), Rebecca Battaglini (Director)

Nominated Supervisors - Kylie & Kelly 

Superstars - Sheriden, Pushpa, Beth, Emilie, Maddi, Vanessa, Liping

Inventors - Dakota, Ashleigh, Masuma, Sushma

Explorers - Jenna, Cate, Sonia, Yolanda, Penny, Amie

Transformers - Jung, Kelsey, Tori, Refat

Adventurers - Joey, Courtney, Erica, Zee

Assisting Staff - Vivien, John, Sophie

'The goal of Early Childhood Education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.'
- Maria Montessori