Our Team



Emma has been the Director of Weston Creek Children’s Centre for 20 years. She is passionate about Early Childhood Education and Care and holds many formal University level qualifications in Early Childhood Education, Teaching and Management. Emma has also lectured at University to help prepare the next generation of Early Childhood Educators.

Emma’s belief that children and their families should receive high level support have ensured that Weston continues to be a great place for children, their families and the staff to be. Emma works in a full time role managing the operation of the service.

Our team comprises 40 staff who are all passionate and enthusiastic about their work. We pride ourselves on being committed to every child and their family.


Our Team

We have six programs across our service and approximately 40 Educators and support staff who make up our team. Our programs are known as: Sunflowers, Superstars, Inventors, Explorers, Transformers and Adventurers.

Sunflowers - Sheriden, Beth, Emilie, Kiana, Vanessa, Ryan

Superstars - Amy, Pushpa, Natasha, Sophie, Yolanda

Inventors - Nikola, Dakota, Ashleigh Jumi

Explorers - Kelly, Cate, Victoria, Penny, Amie

Transformers - Jung, Kelly, Kelsey,Sushma, Sonia, Liping and Gulshan

Adventurers - Joey, Courtney, Grace, Erica, Belinda 

Assisting Staff - Vivien, Maddi, Bec

Administration - Kylie 

This business of training little humans for life is a mind-boggling process.